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Why your dog needs a Central Metal Products LLC Crate
Here are some other reasons to purchase a Central Metal crate for your dog :   
    • Great for housebreaking. A dog resists soiling its own home. 
    • Prevents your dog from soiling the carpet or chewing your  belongings. 
    • When you are away, it's an ideal place for your dog. 
    • Folds up for travel and storage. 
    • Top opens for easy access to dog.
    • Double coated with powder coat and epoxy for a long lasting finish.
    • Satisfied customers with 20+ years on the same crate.  Just as satisfied as the day it was purchased.
    • Heavy (3, 5, 7, & 9) gauge wire resists bending and breaking.   
    • Sturdy design helps prevent tipping by even the most playful dog. 
    • Unique spring-loaded lock securely closes the crate protecting the most clever dogs.
Your dog wants and needs a place all its own, a special spot away from noise and hassle…a comfortable and safe place to lie down, stretch out and nap.
A crate gives your dog comfort and security and that special place of its own…an inside dog house.
Your dog will learn to love its new crate. You will find it easy to train your dog to use its Central Metal Products crate.
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